PACKARD ATRIUM | APRIL 17, 2017 | 4:00-6:00 PM


Get ready for Stanford’s Engineering Showcase! This event aims to be a common platform for engineers from all fields to come together and engage in conversation. We envision a place where technology companies can demo their products to students, and conversely, where student groups can demo their projects to companies and the engineering student body at large. This initiative is largely inspired by MIT’s xFair, and we want to bring a similar spirit to the West Coast at Stanford. Both engineering majors as well as undeclared students interested in exploring applications in industry are warmly invited to attend!


  • The Blazebot (ME210), Chris Kimes, Eni Asebiomo, Cuthbert Sun
  • Meet Percy: Teaching Assistant Chatbot (CS221), John Merriman Sholar, Rachel Helen Gianforte,Sahil Chopra
  • Predicting food security outcomes with CNNs to guide satellite tasking (CS 221), Swetava Ganguli,Jared Alexander Dunnmon,
    Darren Hau
  • Hacking a Consumer DSLR Lens for Computational Imaging (EE367), Meredith Burkle, Ned Danyliw, Sam Girvin
  • Single Pixel Amplitude-Modulated Time-of-Flight Camera (EE 367), Cedric Yue Sik Kin, Andrew Ponec
  • Team Heat Stroke (BioE 141A/B), Jon Deaton, Diana Gong
  • Atlantis (CS248), Byran Annenberg, Harrison Ho, Karen Yang
  • Assistive Technology Projects from Enabletech (Berkeley student Enigeering group)

This event is co-hosted with Stanford IEEE with support from BEAM.


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