It’s never too late to figure out what your passions are. And it’s also never too late to figure out how engineering can help tackle these passions.

I always had a feeling that I wanted to do engineering ever since I arrived to college. I loved building, designing, and experimenting, so it only felt right. But as each quarter passed at Stanford, and as less general engineering requirements were available for me to take, I felt the need to pick which engineering I wanted to do. Figuring that I liked to code but also liked to build, I thought I’d settle for a nice middle ground, so I chose electrical engineering.

My classes were incredible engaging, challenging, and taught me so much more than I ever imagined to learn. From signal processing to digital systems, I felt like I obtained an incredible breadth of knowledge of technical topics. But I wasn’t quite too sure what I wanted to do with all this information just yet. So as quarters went on and I took interesting classes, I still didn’t know what problems I wanted to tackle.

Whatever it was, I knew I wanted to bring in engineering somehow. Whatever passion peaked my interest would surely blend with my passion for engineering. I was granted the opportunity to be a Peer Health Educator in a freshman dorm here at Stanford, and it was from this experience that I realized my love for health. I learned that I want to tackle mental health and healthcare. And although these aren’t engineering fields themselves, I want to bring in my engineering background to make an impact on these realms. Whether it be through machine learning or human computer interaction, the possibilities are endless, as engineering can always weave itself into your passions somehow.


Sean Chang

Favorite engineering-related sources for inspiration:

Stackoverflow, Quora, Rockhealth

Why did you choose to be an engineer?

I chose to become an engineer because I loved to build things growing up. Whether it be with Legos or wires, I always had the most fun tinkering and trying out new things!


Mission Viejo, California

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Electrical Engineering

Blogger bio:

I’m a senior studying electrical engineering and a future coterm in computer science. I’m most interested in blending health with technology and am excited to use what I learn at Stanford to tackle my passion for health!

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