This quarter, TBP hosted multiple CEO discussions instead of their usual CEO dinner series. They served as a great way to connect with industry leaders over Zoom instead of the usual dinner meeting. Although it was not quite the same as chatting over a delicious meal, all the participants learned a great deal about different industries and forged many new connections. TBP is a highly flexible organization, and constantly seeks to adapt to new situations!

One of our guests was Katherine Maher, CEO of The Wikimedia Foundation. Katherine gave a fascinating talk about free speech on the Internet and how Wikipedia is managed and maintained.

We also hosted Abi Ramanan, Founder and former CEO of ImpactVision. Abi taught us a great deal about hyperspectral imaging on the food production line and imparted many insightful perspectives on the future of global food production.

Thanks to everyone who attended and organized the discussions!

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