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Die Luft der Freiheit weht: A Study Abroad in Germany

Throughout the spring and summer of 2015, I was living in Germany through Stanford’s study abroad program. In those six months, I was able to immerse myself in German culture, practice the language, and gain a new sense of confidence and independence. I spent Spring Quarter in Berlin, living in a homestay with a lovely … Continue reading Die Luft der Freiheit weht: A Study Abroad in Germany


Stanford SETS India Trip 2015

My junior year, I stumbled upon the Global Engineering Program. I hadn’t heard of the program until I received an email the day before the application due date, but I was immediately excited. In addition to international internships, the Global Engineering Program organizes Summer Engineering and Technology Study Tours (SETS), two-week trips to international cities … Continue reading Stanford SETS India Trip 2015


Studying Abroad at Oxford

This past spring quarter I studied abroad at Oxford University, and it was one of the most formative experiences of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my experience, and over three months I bonded with new friends, furthered my academic studies, and expanded my cultural horizons. My best memories are my one on … Continue reading Studying Abroad at Oxford


The Stanford Engineering Endeavors Committee

Hi guys! My name is Vikram Prasad, and I’m a senior majoring and co-terming in Electrical Engineering. That said, coming into Stanford, I wasn’t totally sure that engineering was for me. It seemed intimidating in how much time the coursework took, but also in the number of paths I could take to be an engineer. … Continue reading The Stanford Engineering Endeavors Committee


My Stanford Journey

Before I came to Stanford, I knew two things: that I loved to write, and that I loved to film. Pencil in hand, I crafted a vast diversity of literary works, ranging from creative nonfiction to screenplay writing. One day, I would be exploring a new plot twist for my fictional novel on underwater species. … Continue reading My Stanford Journey


My Internship in Japan

Last summer, I got to intern with Appirits, a web services company located in Tokyo, Japan. Aside from doing typical web stuff, they also have a department dedicated to making online games, known as the Appirits Game Project. Most of their games are browser-only, and nearly all are Japanese-exclusive. However, one of them, Shikihime no … Continue reading My Internship in Japan


Summer Research in the Stanford Chemical Engineering Department 2015

Having long thought my future career would be in scientific research, I participated in the Stanford Chemical Engineering Department’s summer research program last summer under Dr. Gerald Fuller. I had never done research at Stanford and my high school research had been pretty rudimentary and guided, so I was excited to take on an independent … Continue reading Summer Research in the Stanford Chemical Engineering Department 2015


Matematica Italiana

When I arrived in Florence last year, I had a rough plan of the classes I would take: some Italian, some art history … and a materials science class (with recorded lectures) that would fulfill an “engineering fundamentals” requirement for my computer science degree—or maybe an online CS course through Stanford’s SCPD program. This plan … Continue reading Matematica Italiana


Road Networks in California

Currently, I’m working on a project to apply network analysis and machine learning to road networks of California. Our goal is to evaluate the road networks in terms of accessibility and efficiency, and then come up with alternative solutions to improve on these road networks or even create new ones. Growing up in the Bay … Continue reading Road Networks in California


Pepping Up Intro Computer Science: A CS106 Section Leading Project

If you asked me four years ago what I wanted to study in college, computer science would not have been on my list. Too afraid was I of entering a field that so many have started exploring seemingly since their kindergarten days. It also did not appeal to my inner musician. What could computer science … Continue reading Pepping Up Intro Computer Science: A CS106 Section Leading Project