John Barton
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nominated by Nikhil Chaudhuri
“John is a fantastic teacher first and foremost because he cares about student learning […] He is never one to hinder creativity or shy away from a new idea. He provides support and resources, not restrictions.”
Stephen Boyd
Electrical Engineering
Nominated by Rebecca Wong
“Prof. Boyd’s humor, honesty, approachability, and understanding have shaped, in my mind, the epitome of what a great class and a great professor should be.”
Jennifer Dionne
Materials Science and Engineering
Nominated by Derek Wang
“Beyond her clear pedagogical style and genuine concern for her students, Professor Dionne is inspiring […]I run a tutoring service for underprivileged students, and since taking her classes, I have adopted many of her teaching techniques into my practice.”
Mykel Kochenderfer
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Nominated by Kat Gregory
“He designed this class to test comprehension with projects and assessments that built me up and redoubled my interest in the subject. […] Mykel is a real role model to me, and I hope that I can channel even some fraction of his kind energy, passion, and warmth into my own teaching endeavors.”
Percy Liang
Computer Science
Nominated by Darren Hau
“Professor Liang’s CS 221, an introduction to artificial intelligence, was perhaps my favorite technical course at Stanford. While he grounded the algorithms with mathematical rigor, he emphasized the intuitions motivating these techniques to make them more accessible.”
Reza Mahalati
Electrical Engineering
Nominated by Thomas Teisberg
“EE 263 is one of the best taught, best organized, and most useful classes at Stanford. It was obvious from day 1 that Reza really cared about optimizing his teaching for the students.”
Paul Mitiguy
Mechanical Engineering
Nominated by Marina Dimitrov
“His courses are filled with smiles and laughs – from us students, him, and his phenomenal TA team. Paul cares deeply about our success and happiness beyond his courses, will share relevant life advice and stories mid-lecture, and is always open to talk about anything.”
Parviz Moin
Mechanical Engineering
Nominated by Andy Ylitalo
“Prof. Moin presents the messiness of numerical methods with the clarity of pure math, while demonstrating applications in his own field.”
Rahul Prabala
Electrical Engineering
Nominated by Wendy Li
“Rahul is currently teaching EE108 and has been the head TA for EE108 for the last two years. He is by far the main reason why the class functions so well and the students know they can always ask for help and get a rapid response. […] All in all he has been a perfect TA and is doing a great job as an instructor now.”
Manu Prakash
Nominated by Michael Becich
“His success could be attributed to his inclination to go off the beaten path, and his innovative teaching techniques in BIOE 41 are no exception […] Every conversation with him inside and outside the class piques your interest as he inspires students every day to tackle new problems.”
Tim Roughgarden
Computer Science
Nominated by Vihan Lakshman and Prasanna Ramakrishnan
“Prof. Roughgarden was not only an excellent instructor in clearly presenting beautiful results at the forefront of algorithms research, but also a wonderful mentor in guiding students through the process of reading papers and delivering a technical talk.”
Keith Schwarz
Computer Science
Nominated by Jeremy Marcelo
“Not very many times do I enjoy staying for an 80 minute lecture but Keith’s delivery of the material made it a delight to come to class. On top of that, his passion for teaching was evident in every lecture and every session.”