Featured Events

Industry panel

Tau Beta Pi aims to connect our industry partners with our students through many events including industry panel, a highly interactive event. Industry partners get to engage with our bright enthusiastic aspiring engineers while our students get to acquire insights from leaders in the industry. 

STAR BAnquet

Tau Beta Pi has a strong tie with Stanford School of Engineering. Every year, we organize STAR banquet to provide members, candidates, and engineering students the chance to talk about their experience as part of the School of Engineering with distinguished faculty members. STAR Banquet has become a place for both casual interactions and a formal discussion of improvements for the School of Engineering.

Mentorship Program

As successful engineering students, Tau Beta Pi members and candidates want to empower incoming students to become successful themselves. Through this year-long mentorship program, we are committed to helping many freshmen by offering advice on how to best take advantage of engineering resources on campus and explore their passion for science and engineering through casual, fun coffee chats.

Alumni Mixer

Tau Beta Pi is a community for life. Even after you leave Stanford, we are still here for you. Every winter, we welcome our alumni back to Stanford for a fun, warm and informative mixer event with new members.

speaker series

Tau Beta Pi is there to enrich our students’ learning outside of the classroom. Our highly anticipated speaker series feature accomplished CEOs, amazing start-up founders, admirable thought leaders who come to give our members and community practical, invaluable insights.