jerry_cain Jerry Cain
Computer Science
Nominated by Julia Alison
“Jerry is an extremely accessible teacher who is always responsive and willing to engage with you. He goes the extra mile to tailor his classes in order to best suit the students.”
alexander_dunn Alexander R. Dunn
Chemical Engineering
Nominated by Steven Cheng
“Professor Dunn lectures in a way to make the material not only digestible but also engaging; he encourages critical thinking and understanding beyond rote memorization.”
john_eaton John K. Eaton
Mechanical Engineering
Nominated by Minh Ngo Duc and Ian Gunady
“Professor Eaton is an incredible mentor and a phenomenal instructor. His vision for a better undergraduate major extends far beyond the classroom.”
chris_edwards Chris Edwards
Mechanical Engineering
Nominated by Wey-Wey Su, Anurag, Lucy Kaye, Lily Buechler, Lauren Vallez, and Brady Black
“An incredibly welcoming, energetic, engaging, thoughtful, and passionate instructor. Chris truly cares about his students and is willing to go out of his way to make sure they succeed.”
margot_gerritsen Margot Gerritsen
Energy Resource Engineering
Nominated by Marina Dimitrov
“Margot constantly strives to improve herself and her students at all levels while also recognizing current strengths and accomplishments. She is a phenomenal teacher, researcher, and lifelong learner.”
christopher_gregg Christopher Gregg
Computer Science
Nominated by Kevin Penner, Mellany Flores, and Hasna Rtabi
“Chris truly wanted us to succeed: He gave us no shortage of resources, encouraged us to think beyond the scope of the class, and made a point to learn not just everyone’s name, but who everyone was.”
joseph_kahn Joseph M. Kahn
Electrical Engineering
Nominated by Anastasios Angelopoulos
“I have never had a professor invest so much time in me outside of class, and I admire Professor Kahn for how much he cares about education.”
jan_liphardt Jan Liphardt
Nominated by K. Euan Yang, Noor Siddiqui, and David Zhao
“Jan is an inspiring lecturer who encourages students to go after grand challenges. He goes out of his way to make himself available for advice, be it academic or professional.”
paul_mitiguy Paul Mitiguy
Mechanical Engineering
Nominated by Luke Halberstadt, Michael Parrott, Daniel Laporte, and Alejandro Ballesteros
“Paul takes a personal stake in all his students, knows them all by name, and is always looking for ways to keep the class entertained and moving forward.”
dwight_nishimura Dwight G. Nishimura
Electrical Engineering
Nominated by Jason He and Logan Spear
“He is an amazing teacher who genuinely cares about his students. Not only were his lectures structured well and taught well, but he also knows when to inject humor to keep the class on its toes.”
allison_okamura Allison M. Okamura
Mechanical Engineering
Nominated by Chelsea Chen and Zane Zook
“Professor Okamura has opened doors that I never believed would be available to me. Her mentorship has been the most valuable experience I have had at Stanford.”
chris_piech Chris Piech
Computer Science
Nominated by Michael Uttmark, Maisam Pyarali, and Liam McGregor
“In a huge feat for an introductory class with hundreds of students, Chris empowered us to see how, as engineers, we could have a positive impact on communities around the world.”