Academic Distinction

Membership in Tau Beta Pi places engineering students among the top 1/5 of engineering seniors and the top 1/8 of engineering juniors at Stanford University (Stanford’s closest equivalent to a Dean’s List). This honor is recognized across the country in both academic and professional institutions.

Community of Excellence

Tau Beta Pi is the only organization on campus that is privileged to have a distinguished community of scholars from multiple engineering disciplines. We focus our community by putting members in touch with high-profile members of the industry who are interested in intelligent students with a technical background. It is a great way to meet and network with high-caliber and high-profile people.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Tau Beta Pi offers many merit-based awards for members, including a $10,000 graduate fellowship and a $2,000 senior-year scholarship to encourage technical excellence in engineering.

Completing the Engineering Experience

Tau Beta Pi at Stanford hosts many social, corporate, and service events exclusively for our members. These events are intended to add value to a Stanford engineer’s experience unlike any other organization on campus. Members have the opportunity not only to network with other outstanding engineers from various fields, but also to impart their knowledge and experience onto engineering underclassmen.