Mission statement

The California Gamma chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Stanford University serves the Stanford community by acting as a representative entity for academic excellence, leadership, and continued service. Tutoring services and office hours, conducted regularly at the Huang Engineering Center, encourage peer performance in science, mathematics and engineering. The annual TBP initiation process for each class of new members involves substantial service work. Members also help select the recipient of the Tau Beta Pi Teaching Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Engineering Teaching and organize engineering panels, industry dinners, math and science programs at local K-12 schools, Engineering Open House during Stanford’s Admit Weekend and more.

For all business and recruiting inquiries, please contact the chapter president Kaitlyn Gee at kegee@stanford.edu.

Officers 2017-2018

President: Kaitlyn Gee, kegee@stanford.edu, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ’18

Vice President of Operations: Ryan Holmdahl, B.S. in Computer Science ’18

Vice President of Finance: Laura Cruz-Albrecht, B.S. in Computer Science ’18

Membership Chairs: Luke Murphy, B.S. in Bioengineering ’18

Professional Chairs: Chase Navelier, B.S. in Chemical Engineering ’18; Pan Chuen, B.S. in Chemical Engineering ’18 and Luciano Santollani, B.S. ’18

Service Chairs: Shirley Chen, B.S. in Biomedical Computation ’18 and Scott Meyer, B.S. in Bioengineering ’18

Academic Chairs: Theo Diamandis, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ’18


Executive Student Advisor: Tim Schnabel

Chief Faculty Advisor: Thomas Kenney, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs, School of Engineering

Advisors: Caelin Tran, Lisa Wang, Ernestine Fu, Petr Johanes, Zubair Ahmed, and Ateeq Suria